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Rodfei Shalom Fellowship, Inc.

Tefillin Request Application

RSFI has been asked by several of our members to facilitate and administer a program that offers Tefillin (Phylacteries) to men in recovery who commit to donning them at least once a week. Requests submitted in writing. You will be notified of the committee’s decision and, if approved, be advised as to when you may receive the Tefillin.

There is only one pair of Tefillin donated each month.

Date of Application
State Zip 
Telephone      Home            Work 

Incomplete applications will not be considered
Submit this form when completed
Be sure to check the box at the end

(Please read through the entire questionnaire before you begin.)
All questions must be answered for your
application to be considered by the committee

Please tell us a little about yourself  
Tell us about you program of recovery. What program/s are you in and for how long?
Please explain why you are requesting the Tefillin.
Explain your commitment for the use of the Tefillin.
 Please tell us about you financial situation, unusual bills outstanding, anything that may be pertinent in considering this application.
  Please check this box to attest that all the above information is true and that you commit to donning the Tefillin at least once a week.

RSFI Tefillin Committee
8358 West Oakland Park Boulevard, Suite 203-C
Sunrise, Florida 33351-7319


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